The Birds

The Amazing Max

A female Quaker Parrot, hatched in Oct. 2004. She was purchased from St. Clements, Ontario. Max is very talented and can do many tricks. From playing basketball, stacking blocks, raising a flag, doing an obstacle course, putting money in a bank and many more. Her most famous trick is saving a teddy bear from a (simulated) burning building.

Max has a limited vocabulary for a Quaker, but what she does know she uses in the correct context. For example, if you cover your eyes, and then uncover them, she will say peek-a-boo. She is very cautious when introduced to new items. Once Max has learned a trick she is very precise and methodical about performing the trick right. Max is trained using the positive reinforcement system, using cooked spaghetti as this is her most favourite treat, but she will work for grapes or seeds.


A male Painted Conure, hatched in Oct. 2007. He was purchased from a breeder at 8 weeks old. Chase is a very animated performer with a short attention span making training a humbling experience after training the likes of Max. Chase will wave, turn around, shake hands and retrieve objects that are placed on the training table. He also bowls, plays basketball and a board game. When not performing, Chase loves to cuddle in the small of your neck. Chase is also trained using the positive reinforcement system, with his favourite food being grapes.